Bill Overstreet – The Daring Pilot who Chased a Bf 109 Under the Eiffel Tower

The sky is vast and full of potential heroes, but few are as remarkable as Bill Overstreet, an American pilot who turned the air above Europe into his playground during the Second World War.

His name may not be as famous as other war heroes, but his audacious flying skill, courage, and determination made him a figure to be remembered.

His remarkable feat of flying a P-51B Mustang under the Eiffel Tower while chasing a German Messerschmitt Bf 109 during World War II is a testament to his incredible flying skill and bravery.

The Eiffel tower that Overstreet flew under.
Flying low enough to get under the arch of the Eiffel Tower was an incredible act of bravery. Photo credit – Benh LIEU SONG CC BY-SA 3.0.

Born on April 10, 1921, in Clifton Forge, Virginia, James Elms Swett, nicknamed “Bill,” was a quintessential American boy. Raised during the tough times of the Great Depression, Overstreet developed a keen interest in aviation and dreamed of taking to the skies.

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With the onset of the Second World War, he saw his opportunity and volunteered for the U.S. Army Air Forces, where he trained to become a fighter pilot.

After extensive training, Overstreet was assigned to the 357th Fighter Group, 363rd Fighter Squadron, flying the iconic North American P-51B Mustang.

With a maximum speed of about 375 mph at low level, six .50 calibre machine guns, and an impressive range of around 1,300 miles, the P-51B Mustang was a potent adversary for any German aircraft.

Bill flew a P-51B Mustang. The largest difference between the later models is the lack of a bubble canopy.
Bill flew a P-51B Mustang. The largest difference between the later models is the lack of a bubble canopy.

Overstreet named his Mustang “Berlin Express,” a moniker that underscored his mission to bring the fight to the enemy’s doorstep.

Overstreet’s defining moment came during a dogfight over Paris on June 26, 1944.

The city had been under German occupation since June 1940, and the Eiffel Tower, once the embodiment of French national pride and artistic achievement, had been transformed into a bleak symbol of subjugation.

But on that day in June, it would be witness to an act of audacious courage.

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While engaging enemy aircraft, Overstreet found himself locked in a deadly duel with a German Messerschmitt Bf 109. The German fighter was a formidable aircraft, and its pilot was utilizing every trick in the book to shake off the relentless American.

A Bf 109 G-6 - similar to the aircraft Overstreet was chasing. Photo credit - Ruffneck88 CC BY-SA 4.0.
A Bf 109 G-6 – similar to the aircraft Overstreet was chasing. Photo credit – Ruffneck88 CC BY-SA 4.0.

Overstreet, with a cool head and unyielding determination, managed to match every manoeuvre the German pilot made, staying locked on his tail.

As the aerial duel continued, the Bf 109 pilot made a desperate move. He flew towards the Eiffel Tower, intending to use the iconic monument as a shield. In a move that defied all conventional wisdom, Overstreet decided to follow.

The pilots spiralled down, weaving between the lattice ironwork of the tower. The sight of the two aircraft darting around the Eiffel Tower must have been an awe-inspiring spectacle, emblematic of the desperation and courage that marked the war.

Despite the risk of collision or anti-aircraft fire, Overstreet maintained his pursuit, and as the German aircraft emerged from under the tower, he lined up his sights and fired. His bullets found their mark, and the Bf 109 went down.

Overstreet, with breathtaking courage and exceptional flying skill, had not only shot down a German fighter but had done so in the most audacious way imaginable – beneath the arches of the Eiffel Tower.

William Overstreet Jr in his flight gear.
William Overstreet Jr in his flight gear.

The story of Bill Overstreet is one of a humble Virginia boy turned war hero. His death in 2013 marked the end of an era, but his legacy lives on. The courage, skill, and dedication he showed during his service in the Second World War represent the best attributes of the Greatest Generation.

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His flight under the Eiffel Tower in pursuit of a German aircraft is more than just a story of a dogfight. It symbolizes a time when courage and conviction prevailed in the face of dire circumstances.

His daring manoeuvre serves as a reminder of the extraordinary lengths that those who went to protect freedom and democracy.

Bill Overstreet, the daring pilot of the P-51B Mustang, will forever be remembered not only for his remarkable flying skill but for his unwavering commitment to the cause of freedom.

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